Yaghoubi, Moshtagh

What’s the meaning of …? / … ne demek ?
Alibi: 306
Full Name: Moshtagh Hossain Yaghoubi
Date of Birth: 8.11.1994
Nationalities: Afghan af , Finnish fi

Height: 178 cm
Position: Midfielder, Winger
Sides: Center / Right / Left
Roles: Central Playmaker, Winger Playmaker, Deep-Lying Midfielder (Regista)

Current Team: HJK Helsinki fi
– Crafty
– Set Piece Taker (especially under pressure and in critical situations, he even wants it more, showing responsibility)
– Not stand-offish and has a combatant nature (never shies off from a physical contact)
– He is an influential character who makes others perform better with his contagious passion
– His technical capacity is his bread and butter
– Bags of potential

He has on-the-ball flamboyancy for sure but needs to be more productive because being technical without a real output (assists/goals) can’t carry his career into better standards at Europe eu , his style and current effectiveness makes him a better candidate for Asian Leagues such as Saudi Arabia sa , Qatar qa , Japan jp , China cn and likewise
– If he has an intention of pushing himself to be a better player, he can be a perfect suit for Turkish tr football due to his combatant flavour on creative base. Turkish leagues (whether tier 1 or 2) are always in demand for combatant characters
– Chooses the difficult way almost always, needs to play more simple
– His lack of situational awareness when defending is not dramatically bad but definitely needs to improve
Reminds: Oğuzhan Özyakup tr / nl , Tolgay Arslan trde ( I think he is already better or at least equal with them, just needs to step-up and find a league where he can shine as quick as possible)
Market Value: € 250.000
Foot: Right
International Experience: 5 times 1 goal (U20) fi , 22 times 6 goals (u21 & captain) fi , 1 time (Senior) fi
Contracted Until: 31.12.2018
Suitable For: Turkish Tier 1 tr (From 1 to 18 in table, suits everywhere with different importances, can be a rotation player for Champions League candidates, can be a key player for any mid table side)