Jean-Armel Drolé, Boza

What’s the meaning of …? / … ne demek ?
Alibi: 304
Full Name: Boza Jean-Armel Drolé
Date of Birth: 18.8.1997
Nationalities: Ivorian ci

Height: 185 cm
Position: Winger , Striker (better not due to bad decision making and lack of composure)
Sides: Left / Right
Roles: Flank-Forward, Pacey Striker

Current Team: Perugia it
Strengths: Explosiveness, Raw Power, Fluidity, Can Outplay anyone at 1 vs 1
Weaknesses: Selfish, Lack of Teamplay, He’s kind of a “one-trick pony” (if he can’t got past his opponent few times, became useless and got disheartened)
Reminds: Prejuce Nakoulma bf , Bruma (Armindo Tué Na Bangna) gw / pt , Souleymane Youla gn
Market Value: € 800.000
Foot: Right
International Experience:
Contracted Until: 30.6.2020
Suitable For: Turkish Tier 1 tr (Mid Table)