Itter, Pascal

What’s the meaning of …? / … ne demek ?
Alibi: 300
Full Name: Pascal Itter
Date of Birth: 3.4.1995
Nationalities: German de

Height: 177 cm
Position: Defensive Winger, Defensive Joker, Defensive Midfielder, Defender, Barely an Offensive Winger
Sides: Mainly Right but Everywhere
Roles: Offensive Full-Back ,Anchor, Stopper

Current Team: SV Grödig at
Strengths: Incredible Commitment, Passionate, Very Resourceful at defensive duties no matter where he landed, Can force a constant pressure on his matchup, Very Consistent & Reliable, Always gives his %100 on pitch, never hesitates diving-in or at any-matchup no matter size disadvantage or whatsoever, every manager needs a player like him, he’s influential and collaborative
Weaknesses: So Uncomfortable On Ball
Reminds: Rasmus Würtz dk , Elsad Zverotic me / rs / ch , Alexander Huber de
Market Value: € 250.000
Foot: Both, mainly Right
International Experience: ~50 Times U16, U17, U18, U19 de
Contracted Until: 30.6.2017
Suitable For: Turkish Tier 1 tr (Relegation Candidates-Mid Table) , Greek Tier 1 gr , Ukrainian Tier 1 ua (Above Mid Table), Russian Tier 1 ru (Relegation Candidates-Mid Table) , Russian Tier 2 ru (Title Contenders)
Note: I personally rate him high, an amazing side-back