Tekie, Tesfaldet

What’s the meaning of …? / … ne demek ?
Alibi: 298
Full Name: Simon Tesfaldet Tekie
Date of Birth: 4.6.1997
Nationalities: Swedish se (not sure but possibly has Ethiopian et roots)

Height: 171 cm
Position: Midfielder
Sides: Centre
Roles: Deep-Lying Playmaker (Regista), Box-2-Box Midfielder

Current Team: IFK Norrköping se
Strengths: Very well-rounded, can handle both defensive & offensive duties at decent level, bags of potential, has very good and comfortable connection with ball, resourceful, reliable passer, can be a star playmaker at a low tier team and also can be a hardworking duty man at a high tier side (very versatile), agile
Weaknesses: He’s absolutely a creator, his shooting not even needs to improve, he just needs to never shoot, a bit squishy
Reminds: Melkamu Taufer etit , Mahmoud Dahoud desy , Christian Rubio Sivodedov se / cu / ru
Market Value: € 75.000
Foot: Right
International Experience: U17 / U18 / U19 se
Contracted Until: 31.12.2018
Suitable For: Turkish Tier 1 tr (Relegation Candidates-Mid Table) , Greek Tier 1 gr , Ukrainian Tier 1 ua (Above Mid Table), Russian Tier 1 ru (Relegation Candidates-Mid Table) , Russian Tier 2 ru (Title Contenders)