Golemic, Vladimir

What’s the meaning of …? / … ne demek ?
Alibi: 296
Full Name: Vladimir Golemic
Date of Birth: 28.6.1991
Nationalities: Serbian rs , Slovenian si , German de

Height: 192 cm
Position: Defender, Midfielder
Sides: Centre
Roles: Complete Defender, Half Back, Covering Midfielder, Anchor, Regista, Box-2-Box (barely)

Current Team: Mladost Lucani rs
Strengths: Good Physicality, Aerial Domination, Playmaking Skills, Courageous, Team Player, Technically Gifted
Weaknesses: Easily Got Carried Away
Reminds: Ragnar Nattestad FoHt / Dk , Ryan Donk nl / sr
Market Value: € 400.000
Foot: Mainly Right
International Experience:
Contracted Until: 30.6.2016
Suitable For: Turkish Tier 1 tr (Relegation Candidates-Mid Table) , Greek Tier 1 gr , Ukrainian Tier 1 ua (Above Mid Table), Russian Tier 1 ru (Relegation Candidates-Mid Table) , Russian Tier 2 ru (Title Contenders)
With One Word: Solid