Mlabesh, Mashaal

What’s the meaning of …? / … ne demek ?
Alibi: 243
Full Name: Mashaal Nawaf Mlabesh Al-Enezi
Date of Birth: 13.3.1991
Nationalities: Kuwaiti Kw

Height: 185 cm
Position: Forward , Offensive Allrounder, Decorated Flanker
Sides: Centre / Right / Left
Roles: Alternative Forward / Talisman (Trequartista) / Poacher / Enganche (Positional Contrast of Anchor/Stable Playmaker i.e: Riquelme)

Current Team: Al-Jahra Sporting Club Kw
Strengths: Unpredictability, he is so much decorated as an attacker, can place his shoots accurately, cross, assist, chip keepers, blasts the ball back of the net, whatever it needs to unlock the resistance and create a scoring chance.
Weaknesses: Low Commitment , Absent-Minded
Reminds: Arjen Robben Nl
Foot: Just Right
Market Value: – (No transfermarkt entries)
International Caps: ?