González, Enzo

What’s the meaning of …? / … ne demek ?
Alibi: 242
Full Name: Enzo Nicolás González Cruz
Date of Birth: 15.6.1996
Nationalities: Ecuadorian Ec

Height: 193 cm
Position: Midfielder
Sides: Centre
Roles: Anchor / Regista / Deep Lying Playmaker

Current Team: CD Olmedo Ec
Strengths: Incredible Strength, Fast, Agile, Aerial Presence, Pinpoint Long Passer, Deadeye Playmaker, Extraordinary Finishing as a defensive duty habitant, Unpredictability (Creativity), Maybe Could Evolve Into a Playmaker Central Defender In coming years due to fully exploit his extreme physicality and sight
Weaknesses: Not Aggressive enough, Low Tactical Allegiance, Inconsistency
Reminds: Raphael Holzhauser At
Foot: Just Right
Market Value: € 250.000
International Caps: