Dehn, Jacob


What’s the meaning of …? / … ne demek ? 277098_183493521752157_833770156_nID : Jacob Dehn Andersen
Born : 4.8.1995
Nationality :
Height : 186 cm | Weight : 76 kg
Club : Randers | Contract Until : 30.6.2015
Shirt No : 22 | Alibi : 129
dehnMental+ He is very young indeed but has a very cool head on his shoulders.
+ Knows where to stand, where to react, where to mark, when to jump, when to slide a tackle
To shorten knows all defender basics, his fundamental/skill set has utmost quality (possibly: youth team education factor)
+ Leadership Skills
+ He’s very calm but has somewhat an intimidating look or it’s just me thinking like that
+ Coldblooded. Extreme Poise (resistance against pressure)
+ Hardworking
+ Can collaborate and gel nicely with his teammates

Phy+ Rock Solidly Builded Body
+ Energetic
– Unbelievably Slow
– Has Almost no chance to position badly cause again: Unbelievably Slow
+ Very healthy , fit

Tec+ Good Tackler
+ Good Marker
+ Aerial Presence for sure
Extra: Can playmake from back, has a good relation with ball.

WarnMarket Valuation
€ 100.000

Pole’s Possible Transfer Sum Prediction: ~ € 350.000
Main Reason: Ongoing Contract
Sub Reason: At this age, that immobility could possibly push investor to think twice

exclamation_mark_202216Last Thought

Years ago, a Croatian defender used to play at Juventus. Igor Tudor. His tall and large build make him anticipated like clumsy but however he was very comfy with ball and also strong defender who is extremely slow but had nice positioning + timing.
Jacob maybe can be this tradition’s next Dane successor.