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Yago Henrique Severino dos Santos

Born: 7.7.1995
Height: 180 cm| Weight: 78 kg
Club: Atlético Mineiro Contracted Until: 30.6.2016
Shirt No: 37 | Alibi: 128

DMCMCMental– Dispassionate for Win
– Needs to push himself a bit more to get tired if he wants to develop his play
+ Has Good Offensive Awareness supported with his Creativity and Quick but effective decision making.
+ He is combatant when defending, dancer while attacking, I’m so much excited to track his development progress further on
+ Has good poise, never got effected by pressure or whatsoever, almost as senseless as Obi Mikel (Obi’s General Look: “Somebody died?.Uhm..Ok..RIP than..whatever.what now?Problem?”)
– Even as selfish as Cristiano Ronaldo but his position doesn’t require that hardcore level of selfishness. Needs to Collaborate more.
Phy+ Extremely Nimble on his toes. Quickly stops than starts again over and over, changing routes without any delay. Remarkable Agility.
+ His Top Speed is very good and also if he finds empty space he drives and finishes his drill in quite a short time.
+- He is not small for sure but needs to do more weight trainings. A bit boost on his frame would be better.
+- He is fit but maybe because of his gestures, he seems a bit irresponsible and “whatever dude?”ish. Needs to keep his balance stable.
TecDoes every single thing in a perfect aesthetic and with a harmony between him and ball.
To shorten;
Extra 1: He keen to dribble past through opponent’s. Doesn’t usually thinks twice.
Extra 2: Likes to launch counter attacks from deep back via long through passes and has good accuracy with that.

WarnMarket Valuation: –
Pole’s Possible Transfer Sum Prediction: ~ € 2.150.000
Main Reason: Ongoing Contract
Sub Reason: Age + Immense Potential

exclamation_mark_202216Last Thought

His attitude and play style reminds me Dani Alves, just their positions are different but overall perception and flamboyancy seemed similar yet to me.