Pivkovski, Filip

What’s the meaning of …? / … ne demek ?


I shocked but understand when I recognized Novara had contracted his services.
Every team he had played yet terminated his contract until today and released him for free.
Blackburn Rovers was the first investor on him.
Than Malmö ,
An unsuccessful Nordsjaelland loan period.
Hacken , end of the line.
Released again.
I hope Novara won’t be added into the “Release Heritage” list and things go better than how it went yet for him.
Just 19 years old, already 5 teams at behind.
No offense,
Even I also have Macedonian roots, but whatever need’s to be said is needs to be said.
He is very antipathetic.
His nature availables every possible unappealing gestures in the World (lol) to be seen.
He has two ways to take in front of him now;
One is changing nothing mentally and contribute more than everyone else, at inhumane levels, to be accepted.
Other is cooling his head a bit and be less irritating in upcoming years by age and contribute in humane levels.
I’m not comfortable to refer that but I think I believe in him.
But not expecting immediate fireworks.
It’ll sure took some time.