Natkho, Bibras

What’s the meaning of …? / … ne demek ?

Full Name: Pipras Natcho
Date of Birth: 18.2.1988
Nationality: Israel il
2nd Nationality: Circassian Ct
(PS: Circassian Israeli refers Sunni – Muslim population who live in Israel )
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 73 kg
Position: Box-to-Box Midfielder
Current Team: FC Rubin Kazan Ru
Attributes: Excellent Playmaking Skills, Technically Gifted, Very Unpredictable, Set Pieces, Outpacing Opponents, Agile, Leadership, Excellent at both Offensive & Defensive Awareness, Creative, Winner Attitude, Cold-blooded, Hardworking, Teamplayer (What he doesn’t have? : Physical Strength, Aerial Ability, Score Potential except Set Pieces)
Reminds: Federico Magallanes Uy , Matias Almeyda Ar , Didier Deschamps Fr
Foot: Both
Previous Transfer Bid: € 650.000 (Players based at Israel whether Israeli or not deserves more interest than how it is now, there can be very profitable investments. Simply because they are scanning Western Africa and South America consistently while producing their local heroes at the other hand.)
Market Value: € 10.000.000
International Caps: 25 (1-Goals) (Senior)