Uçan, Salih

What’s the meaning of …? / … ne demek ?

Latest International Information: He’ll carry captain’s armband at incoming U-20 World Cup 2013.

Important Notes: He is my fellow countryman and I have an urge to make some corrections on misleading informations about him. National media’s ignorance pisses me off so bad in this situation. His Youth Coach at his former team mentioned that they compare him with Fellaini Be / Ma because of his hairstyle at a phone call on a TV Show and they even understand Fellaini Be / Ma after Coach repeated it 314123 times. So, after they learned there should be a footballer(!) named Fellaini Be / Ma in our planet and there we go. He said hairstyle but the die has been cast for media. Is there any need of questioning national media representatives ever watched Fellaini Be / Ma, still?

1. He has nothing mutual with Marouane Fellaini Be / Ma except their hairstyle. They have completely different repertoires at their play style.

2. He is not 1.82 nor 1.85 or whatsoever. He is 1.79 and this picture is enough to show what I try to mention. Cristian Br is 1.81 and he is a bit shorter than him as you can see. Also he showed nothing yet at his aerial ability or physical strength. He is more like a playmaker, a trequartista rather than win the ball first and check his options. He receives the ball first than checks his options.

3. His upper body is wide and available to be build on. So if he can take some strength intensed training program, his frame can be increased and he can be more solid than his current state.

4. He just became to be recognized and spotlights are just turned onto him. I personally have high hopes for him but before he touted as a star, he was playing simple and clean. After he drew attention, it effected his play a bit negatively and now he tries to do spectacular things and overpushes himself rather than what he used to do and made him quickly climbed the ladders. Latest news said his club hired him a psychologist and an image-maker to guide him professionally for his mental and physical state.