Damari, Omer

What’s the meaning of …? / … ne demek ?

Full Name: Omer Damari 
Nationality: Israel il
Date of Birth: 24.3.1989
Height: 181 cm
Weight: 77 kg
Foot: Both, preferably right
Position: Striker
Alternative Position: Offensive All-Rounder
Former Club: Maccabi Petah Tikva il
Current Club: Hapoel Tel-Aviv il
Previous Transfer Bid: € 1.500.000
Current Triggering Release Clause: € 3.000.000
Reminds: Theofanis Gekas Gr , Milan Baroš Cz


  • Can accelerate quickly, very agile, balanced and always fit body.
  • Have quality finishing moves, can unexpectably score or assist a goal.
  • Dribblings, passes and sight of field (vision) are above average.
  • Extremely persistent and dedicated.
  • Work ethics is good as well.
  • If he gets the wind behind him, he can create his chances by himself.
  • He needs to be assisted by a key pass very less.    


  • Not strong, even weak , almost zero aerial ability.
  • Shooting fron distance is almost not an option.
  • Lacking in ball control skills.
  • He almost has not any scorer senses. It causes lack of offensive positioning.
  • His concentration can drastically drops during a match.
  • When he needs to quickly response during gameplay, he mostly fails, low adaptability of sudden situations.
  • He has limited leadership skills.
  • Selfish player, feels no need to involve or got involved into teamplay.
  • Opposite of iron will, easily got distracted by atmosphere or pressure.
  • Doesn’t much like physical contact with opponent players.
  • Possibly the best player of the winning side, but can also be one of the worst players of the losing side. Maybe he can overwhelm this handicap by gaining experience with upcoming years.

Last Thoughts:

His style of play reminds me recent pasts football legend Milan Baros’ Cz career’s early and mid stages. Damari’s il relationship with ball is not as soft as Baros Cz did at his prime but Damari’s il dedicated and direct approach to the goal is remarkable.

Can be an ideal striker for:

La Liga’s Es and Ligue 1′s Fr relegation candidates to remain in league or compete for mid table finish.
Russia Ru and Turkey Super League’s TR top contenders or high mid table finish.
Being a decent striker in Serie A it and Premier League England has tons of hard to measure dimensionals so I cannot make a radical statement about his possible presence there.