N’Douassel, Ezechiel

What’s the meaning of …? / … ne demek ?

Full Name: Ezechiel N’Douassel
Nationality: Chad Cw
Date of Birth: 22.4.1988
Height: 192 cm
Weight: 84 kg
Foot: Right only
Position: Striker
Former Club: Club Africain Tn
Current Club: Terek Grozny Ru
Previous Transfer Bid: € 2.000.000
Market Value: € 1.000.000

Passionate style of play.
Immense level of physical quality.
Due to his size, unexpectedly quick and agile.
Absolute air domination.
Looks like towering striker but he is not clasically immobile as casual towering strikers does, he searches his opportunities, makes diagonal runs, forcing his ways to find a chance, always active since he foots on the pitch until it is over.
Has an average skill to score from long range.
Has adequate finishing skills.
He has scorer senses as what it expected to be, not as much as Raul Es, Huntelaar Nl or Nistelrooy Nl.
He can overwhelm the pressure, makes him suitable for important matches.
He do like physical contact with opponent. He even creates that oppurtunity by himself to show strong side of his play.
He can unpredictably changes the score.
He sometimes got carried by his passion and it leads him to receive unnecessary cards.
His relationship with ball is not well.
It could be unfair against him for us to expect watching him successfully dribbles, he can’t dribble, even has hard times to control the ball.
He sometimes loses his focus.
Almost no teamplay, pretty selfish player. Not even checks who’s overlapping from sides or whatsoever.
Lack of passing skills. Lack of vision.
Cannot take set pieces effectively.
Even Chad Cw is scarce in numbers of successful footballers, it made him suitable candidate for captain role but he is as influential as Emmanuel Adebayor Tg . I mean, almost none.
Last Thoughts:
I’ve been watching him since 2009. It was published by one of a prestigious transfer news sites that he successfully signed a contract with Turkish Super League Tr mid-table regulars Sivasspor Tr while their main striker Michael Eneramo Ng is flirting with Heerenveen Nl and refuses new contract from Yiğidolar Tr. I was amazed that I can find an opportunity to watch him closer and easily than before, as being a football fan.
In addition, I find Eneramo Ng quite complete for being a striker. I can be counted as a huge fan of him since I recognize him for the first time during he plays for ES Tunis Tn. Coincidentally, they share a destiny with polishing their fortunes both at Tunisia Tn.
After Heerenveen Nl says “Sorry” to Eneramo Ng during their courtship, Yiğidolar Tr prefers to stay with already tried and succeeded Eneramo Ng, so N’Douassel Cw took his way to Russia Ru, for his new team Terek Grozny Ru. I have to specificly praise Sivasspor Tr as being so much aware and conscious of what they want and what they seek. It is proven over and over with decent examples that “big” guys succeeds in our league. Serge Djiehouha Ci, Simon Zenke Ng, Emmanuel Emenike Ng, etc..
Can be an ideal striker for:
I find those “wrestler” type strikers very versatile to fit into different approaches. So I can even close my eyes and put any of those into whatever league’s team from top through bottom. He can be in starting eleven or supreme sub, depends on their form graphic, competition, whatsoever.